In 2014, guitarist Jim Root was kicked out of Stone Sour. While an exact reason was never given, the decision came after he decided not to participate in the group’s tour in order to work on a Slipknot album. The situation was made messier because both Root and singer Corey Taylor were in both bands together. After the split, Taylor talked about some of the tense Slipknot recording session with Root, while Root had some harsh words to say about Stone Sour. Since then, there has been some time for the dust to settle and the guitarist is once again talking about the split.

In a new interview, Root tells The Des Moines Register, "When you're sort of blindsided by something like that, it kind of makes you wonder what the motivations or intentions are, or why it has to be like that, when really all that needs to happen is a Slipknot record, then we could go back to business as usual later."

He adds, "For whatever reason, it happened and it sort of lit a fire under my a-- to realize that it doesn't really matter who you are or what your role is in any particular thing that you do. You always have to be on top of your game, because you never know what is going to happen. It definitely made me want to put my nose to the grindstone and hone my skills a little more. When something like that happens, it's like getting dumped."

Interestingly, the guitarist also spoke with the Des Moines Register about how close he came to not being in Slipknot. He revealed when he was first approached with the job in 1999, he turned down the offer. Root said he had to be asked multiple times before ultimately accepting the request. As for Stone Sour, they replaced Root with Christian Martucci in 2014 and he was confirmed as a permanent member of the group this year.

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