John 5’s upcoming solo disc ‘God Told Me To’ originally had a release date of April 10, but has since been bumped to May 8. The release date of the CD/DVD combo coincides with the kickoff of the upcoming co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie and Megadeth.

‘God Told Me To’ displays John 5’s diverse musical tastes, showing off multiple genres as well as a mix of acoustic and electronic tracks. John 5 weighed in on the ten new songs, saying, “I'm so proud of this record, I’ve put more time into this release than any other! It's half acoustic and the other half electric with a tribute to Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen with ‘Beat It’."

The DVD portion of the release gives fans a real up close and personal view of the recording process: “The DVD shows me actually recording the songs as well as behind the scenes of a "day in the life,” states John 5. “This album will take you on a musical journey designed to show more diversity in my playing than in the past. Enjoy!”

Getting his hands involved in all aspects, John 5 also assisted on the production of the release along with Chris Baseford and Bob Marlette. The cover of the album was illustrated by John 5’s bandmate Rob Zombie; take a look at it here.

To find out when you can see John 5 live with Rob Zombie in May, check out their upcoming dates with Megadeth here.