Most people would not associate the hard driving, aggressive rock of Killswitch Engage with the lilty alter-pop of '90s favorites Mazzy Star, but believe it or not there is a middle ground. Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach has given the Mazzy Star classic 'Fade Into You' a fresh spin as part of his solo side project AliKen.

Leach adds a reggae vibe to the track and keeps the spirit of the song's ethereal sound intact, all while giving it a new take. The vocalist also shot a video for the track, seen above, which finds him on a sunny day strolling along a lakeside and through a wooded area while singing the song. And once again, creating a feel, the clip is shot in a more hazy or blurred style giving it that dreamy quality.

The vocalist says of the track, “This song was originally done by a great band called Mazzy Star. This song is easily one of my favorites so I had to pay tribute as well as make it my own with this reggae version. I shot all the footage myself and edited it as well. The song was recorded in my bedroom with Garageband so it is Lo-Fi D.I.Y. I had such a fun time making this video out in a beautiful secluded spot I enjoy going to write and reflect. I hope you enjoy it! More to come!"

After getting some positive responses via his Facebook page, Leach added, "Big thanks to everyone for the love! Stoked people are digging on my solo videos and tracks! I'm proud of this one." If you like what you hear, you can pick up the AliKen rendition of Mazzy Star's 'Fade Into You' at Leach's Soundcloud page.