Korn are preparing to release their new album titled ‘The Path of Totality’ on Dec. 6. The album may leave a few fans scratching their heads over the new direction the band is headed with their new metal/dub-step sound and an overall electronic vibe. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently shed some light on the reason they’ve decided to branch out a little stylistically on their upcoming tenth studio album.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Davis commented on the band’s collaboration with dubstep and electronic producers for the upcoming release saying that, “Rock has been so f—ing lame lately.” He attributed this lameness to the music business becoming very stale saying, “It’s like there’s a certain formula you have to follow to get on the radio, and songs all sound the same.”

Never wanting to sound the same, Davis and Korn have challenged themselves to do something different, and that led them to dubstep. “I just went toward what excites me now, and that’s the electronic scene,” admits Davis. It definitely wasn’t the easiest route, according to Davis, it was a tough road, “It was very hard to do, a lot of hard work, a lot of hours. But we pulled it off at the end." ‘The Path of Totality’ sees Korn teaming up with Skrillex, as well as several other producers from the genre including Excision, Datsik and Noisia.

Davis and Korn still have some work to do with convincing some of their fans to follow them down this new path, and they’ve taken that into consideration. On their current tour they are playing three sets each night consisting of: a set of rarities for old school fans, a set of the new electronic Korn music, and then, to close out the night, all the Korn hits.

Check out the first video from the new album for the single ‘‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ here.