It's the type of thing you never hope happens, but on occasion technical difficulties have felled even the mightiest of rock bands from delivering their typically stellar stage shows. Such was the case for Korn Friday night (May 27) at the Rock in Rio Lisboa festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

The group was just starting their performance with the distinctive percussion and crushing guitar sounds of the song "Blind" when a power failure stopped them just as Jonathan Davis was about to deliver the first lyrics to the song. As you can see in the clip above, shortly after the failure, Davis was seen giving the thumbs down symbol to the crowd.

After a short break to address the issue, Korn gave it another shot (see below), with Davis chuckling before starting the song "Are you ready … again?" But this time the power cut out right in the midst of Davis' opening verse.

Following a much lengthier break, Korn returned and got about six songs in, but during a cover of Metallica's "One," the power cut out again (see below), this time leading the band to cut short their show for good.

The band later addressed the issue on social media, stating, "TO EVERYONE AT ROCK IN RIO LISBOA: We had a number of issues with stage power tonight and unfortunately couldn’t finish our set. Sincere apologies to all the KORN fans!"

Though things did not pan out for Korn in Lisbon, the show will go on elsewhere. The group is in the midst of a European trek and dates can be found here.

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