Korn recently released the single 'Hater' and it looks as though their fans will play a big role in the song's accompanying video. The group just posted a notice seeking video submissions from their fans with a very specific story to tell.

The group is asking for clips speaking about a time where the participant was a victim of bullying, abuse or hatred and how being subjected to that affected the person. The band says they will use some of the submissions in their upcoming video release.

Korn have offered a series of questions to get the ball rolling, and they're asking for the clips to be short. The band also offers a number of other tips that will be key in having your video selected to be used in their upcoming clip.

Check out their post on the matter below:

Korn is looking for YOU to submit a video!

Film yourself telling a story about a time you were the victim of bullying, abuse, or hatred and how it affected you. We will use these videos for an upcoming video release!

Answer the following questions in your video:

- What did the bully, abuser, or hater do? List off the things they said or did.

- How did it make you feel? List off some of the thoughts and feelings going through your head. Say “i felt ….. (fill in the blank)"

Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting the video:

- Please keep the stories short.

- Restate the question into your answer.

- Sound is key, so please turn off air conditioning, the television, any music, fans, just your voice as clean as possible.

- Please hide any logos (other than KORN’s logo)

- Please don’t use any names of people involved

- If using a phone, please shoot in landscape mode

Send your video to kornhatervideo@gmail.com

Frontman Jonathan Davis recently told Loudwire of 'Hater,' "I think it’s for everybody. I don’t understand what’s going on with society today where it’s to the point where kids are getting bullied to the point they blow their f—ing heads off or people hate on people because they have stuff that they don’t have. Somebody needs to go out and take a belt and whip those kid’s asses like they used to back in the day. Something f—ing happened, something switched and everyone thought it was funny and okay, so I just wanted to do … a self-empowering kind of song."

'Hater' is featured on Korn's newly released 'The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition,' available exclusively at Best Buy.

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