Rock trio Kyng released their well received debut album 'Trampled Sun’ last month, and their single ‘Falling Down’ is gaining a lot of momentum on the radio.

The trio is taking the hard rock scene by storm and Loudwire got to chat with frontman Eddie Veliz, who commented on the Latino influence on heavy metal and hard rock genres as a whole.

“Bands like Soulfly, Sepultura, they’re a huge influence on the heavy metal community that’s for sure. You can’t run into a Slayer fan without them saying something about Sepultura and even [Slayer frontman] Tom Araya for that matter, that dude’s Latin, right?” says Veliz with a little laugh at the end. Editor's note: Yes, Araya is Chilean-American.

“It’s crazy because Kyng, we’re just a bunch of Latin dudes. I’m half Cuban, half Mexican; Tony’s 100 percent Mexican and Pepe is 100 percent Mexican.”

Veliz continues, “I don’t think the Latin community has really gotten a scent of Kyng yet but I think once it gets picked up it’s going to be a deal. We’ll have family everywhere we go, that’s just how the Latin community works.”

Kyng recently finished up tour dates with acts such as Wayne Static and Eye Empire, and they are gearing up for a string of dates later this year with Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity.

Check back in with Loudiwire next week for our full interview with Kyng’s Eddie Veliz.