Lamb of God's singer Randy Blythe's world was turned upside down when he was arrested last summer on manslaughter charges. And while he was acquitted of any wrongdoing earlier this year, the legal case has had a lasting affect on the band, not only emotionally but financially. In a new interview, drummer Chris Adler reveals that Blythe's legal fees bankrupted the entire band.

Blythe was arrested in late June of 2012 in the Czech Republic, where he was charged with manslaughter in the death of a 19-year-old fan stemming from a 2010 concert incident. The Lamb of God singer's ordeal was well documented, as he spent five weeks in prison last summer before finally standing trial earlier this year. He was cleared of all charges on March 5 and the verdict was upheld earlier this month.

In a new interview with the Virginia Pilot, drummer Chris Adler talks about the financial strain that Blythe's legal battle put on the band. "Not only were we not able to generate any income, but we ended up having to pay more than half a million dollars in legal fees,” reveals Adler. “It bankrupted the entire band, no money left for any kind of payroll or anything. When Randy was acquitted, everything was on the line at that point. Either it was completely over, or we had a chance to get back out there and pay these bills and get ourselves back on our feet.”

Adler also worried about his career and the future of Lamb of God. "We have kids now, and it was nice to spend that time at home. But in the back of your head, it’s always nagging you: Is my career over? What am I gonna do now?” Adler adds. “I love this job. Every night is a Friday night, and when that’s threatened, you get scared.”

The drummer ended up recording drums for the new Protest the Hero album during his downtime from Lamb of God. Now, with Blythe a free man, Adler is back to his main gig as Lamb of God just wrapped up a North American tour. They will be hosting the Metal on the Mountain retreat in upstate New York in July.