As Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe remains in Czech jail, more information regarding the incident itself, Blythe's arrest and the deceased fan's family has surfaced. Additionally, there has been talk of Blythe and the fan's family meeting after the vocalist is released.

Lamb of God manager Larry Mazer recently spoke with Rolling Stone, offering his interpretation of the events as well as the bizarre aftermath. "There are YouTube videos, which 100 percent show Randy's innocence," says Mazer. "As a matter of fact, all of those videos have now been sent to our lawyer, and he's presenting it to the judge tomorrow morning [July 4th]. This case is so full of holes. Nobody reported an injury of any kind at the concert, or after the concert. It was at least an hour to two hours later, supposedly, when this kid went to a hospital."

Mazer continued, "So that's number one – why did nothing occur during the show? Number two, he had supposedly been in a coma for 30 days, but it wasn't [until] a couple of months later that they contacted the promoter to ask his understanding of the events. He said the same thing – that the show went on fine, no nothing, no incidents. They told him that a person had been injured, which led to a death, which he had no knowledge of whatsoever. And then it went away. Two years go by, and Randy gets arrested."

As reported by Blabbermouth, the mother of the fan posted a heart-wrenching note on a social networking site in 2011, nearing the one-year anniversary of her son's passing. "Approaching the date when you went to your last concert. I'm not gonna make it without you and I'm totally heartbroken. I hope we meet together soon. Life without you is miserable!"

The uncle of the fan was recently interviewed, stating his belief that once Blythe makes bail, he will flee the country and avoid the proper punishment. "It's all about money," says the uncle. "That is the only concern. The bail of $200,000 is ridiculous."

According to, a meeting between Blythe and the family has been discussed, although no plans are set in stone yet.

Stay tuned for more information on Randy Blythe's situation as news breaks.