Have you ever wanted to shred like Lamb of God? The metal mavens sure know their way around a bone-shattering riff or two, and now guitarist Mark Morton wants to share a few of his six-string secrets with you aspiring guitarists out there. To help out, he's put together a video displaying the technical side of how to rock out like a golden God.

The clip features Mark sitting by himself on a coach, electric ax in hand and plugged into a small Fender practice amp. "Hey, this is Mark from Lamb of God, and I'm here to show you a couple of riffs from our new album 'Resolution,'" he says -- and then he does exactly that, taking viewers through a tutorial on how he plays the intro riff to the song 'Desolation' and the opening and second riff from the single, 'Ghost Walking.'

For each riff, he tells you exactly what tuning his guitar is in, he plays the riff at normal speed, and then he plays it again (somewhat) slowed down, letting viewers get a rare look at the magic he pulls off as his fingers slide up and down the neck of his guitar.

So while there's still a few steps between learning a couple riffs and blowing minds by playing a sold-out gig in New York, Morton is definitely helping you take one step closer to rocking out like, well ... a rock star!

Rock on!

Lamb of God's Mark Morton Teaches a Few Guitar Tricks