Lamb of God want to spread their music to every inch of the globe if they can, and their latest journey will take them to a place that many American rock bands haven't been before -- the Gaza Strip. reports that the group is taking along an award-winning film production company and will document their trek to one of the most tumultuous areas of the world. The group had already planned on shooting a documentary based on their devoted fanbase, and will include the Gaza Strip show amongst the footage in the film.

According to their website, the idea is to capture how the band's music has impacted the lives of those who listen to it. They've been asking for submissions either in written form in 2,000 words or less or in video form under three minutes the description of the fan's life and how the music plays into that. One fan will be chosen for each stop on their tour and filmed for the documentary.

As for the Gaza Strip show, the group were thinking this would be a great way to see how in a turbulent world, music brings everyone together. In their request to fans in the area, they state, "If you live near the Gaza Strip and listen to heaven metal music to escape your stressful life, then we are interested in hearing from you! You don't have to be Lamb of God's 'biggest' fan, but you should have an inspiring life."

The group will visit Israel between May 27-31 and they ask that those in the area interested in participating to reach out to