It's that time of year again! March Metal Madness is upon us and this time around, we're looking to find the best metal album of the 21st century. And as always, we're leaving the decision up to you.

In Loudwire's inaugural year of March Metal Madness, fans from around the world named Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' the greatest metal song of all time. In 2013, we asked you to vote for the best metal album ever released, and Dream Theater's 'Images and Words' was declared the winner.

This time around, the focus is on the current millennium. We've chosen 32 of the most celebrated and acclaimed metal albums from 2000 onward, and now we ask you to make your opinions heard. We've got some insane battles ahead, so think hard about your choices and cast your votes for Round 1 of March Metal Madness 2014!