With Halloween right around the corner and ghoulish costumes in high demand, one recent poll crowned shock-rocker Marilyn Manson the world’s creepiest celebrity.

Manson has made a career out of creeping out the masses with his goth rock and over-the-top stage performances, but is he really the creepiest celebrity ever?

While the poll seems to use the term ‘celebrity’ pretty loosely, other creepsters in the ‘Top 5’ include douchebag reality star Spencer Pratt and Nadya Suleman, the Octo-Mom. In a strange and twisted turn of events, Manson edged out both Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson to land in the top spot. Hmmm, curious.

Manson, the controversial 'Antichrist Superstar,' has yet to comment on his new title but something tells us he’d wear it proudly.

Manson’s next album is titled ‘Born Villain’ is due out in 2012.

If you're wondering what defines creepy, according to Reuters the ‘Creepiest Celebrities’ list was derived from a list of 46 attribute options. The poll was conducted by E-Poll and given to 1,100 people who had to rank the celebrities between 1-100.

Check out the Top 10 below. Manson was the only music related creepster, but what other rocker do you think should have made the list?

The Top 10 "Creepy" Celebrities:

1. Marilyn Manson
2. Casey Anthony
3. O.J. Simpson
4. Spencer Pratt
5. Nadya Suleman
6. Charlie Sheen
6. Eliot Spitzer (tie for 6th)
8. Woody Allen
8. Tim Burton (tie for 8th)