Mastodon have been one of the most dominant metal acts of the 2000s. Treading a thin line between being underground heroes and mainstream darlings, Mastodon have been able to intrigue music fans from all walks of life. 'Dry Bone Valley' is the third single from Mastodon's critically acclaimed and Grammy nominated album 'The Hunter.'

'Dry Bone Valley' is classic Mastodon. The band exhibits power and patience within their groove metal style, creating an subtly alluring track. Bassist Troy Sanders and drummer Brann Dailor split the vocal duties on 'Dry Bone Valley,' a combo very sporadically heard in the history of Mastodon.

The track offers various interesting lyrical combinations, which leaves the listener pondering and dissecting the message: "Head down running from the beast / Breakneck speed taking all my breath / Black feet scraped and scarred and dripping blood / Rain come down, take me with your flood."

Mastodon also serve more direct lyrics within the song that convey depth while instantly connecting with their fans. "I wish that I was still there / I want to keep on breathing."

The band recently released a video for 'Dry Bone Valley,' created by “lowbrow” pop-surrealist artist Tim Biskup. Mastodon's trippy edge is represented perfectly in the music video, almost venturing into Tool territory.

With 'Dry Bone Valley,' Mastodon have released another awesome song from an awesome album, as the tune is laced with great lyrics and solid performances by the band members while keeping their originality firmly in tact. It's Mastodon - and with the band's long, consistent history, what else would we expect?

Listen to Mastodon, 'Dry Bone Valley'