Mastodon have just released the spanking new track 'Chimes at Midnight.' If you caught Mastodon on tour with Gojira and Kvelertak earlier this year, you would have caught the song live, but now you can obsessively listen to its studio version on repeat!

In preparation for the release of Mastodon's sixth studio album, 'Once More 'Round the Sun,' the critically acclaimed metal act unleashed the track 'High Road' back in April, further raising expectations for yet another solid album to take its place in Mastodon's ridiculously strong discography. Mastodon will soon release a music video for 'High Road,' but subjecting your ears to 'Chimes at Midnight' will ease the wait tremendously.

'Chimes at Midnight' strikes the listener with heavy nuances from the 'Blood Mountain' and 'Crack the Skye' albums while injecting some new characteristics comparable only to 'Once More 'Round the Sun.' As always, Mastodon deliver a big riff with 'Chimes,' which carries over into the song's verses. A slower, more melodic riff also keeps the song on course, bookending 'Chimes at Midnight' with transcendental upheaval.

As for the vocals committed to the track, bassist Troy Sanders takes the helm at first, splitting his contributions with a solid, cleaner part during the verses while adding some monstrous groans during various transitions. Guitarist Brent Hinds takes over during the chorus, solid as ever with his pseudo-Ozzy crooning.

Listen to Mastodon's new track 'Chimes at Midnight' above! 'Once More 'Round the Sun' drops June 24. Pre-order the album at iTunes.