Megadeth is kicking off a co-headlining U.S. tour with Rob Zombie tonight (May 11) in New Jersey, and bassist Dave Ellefson says sharing a bill with Megadeth often leads to great things for a band.

When Loudwire caught up with Ellefson recently and asked him about touring with Mr. Zombie, the Megadeth bassist responded, “It’s interesting because years ago, White Zombie was actually the opening band – it was White Zombie, Pantera and Megadeth. And then Pantera obviously got huge, Rob went off solo and Rob’s huge.” Interestingly, Zombie himself told us that Megadeth and Pantera would butt heads on that trek.

Ellefson went on to say, “We seem to have this way about the bands we’re bringing out with us, they get bigger with us. I don’t know, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Korn, so I guess any young bands try to get a tour with Megadeth, they seem to work out pretty good for you.”

What young band wouldn’t want to share a stage with Megadeth? For a full list of dates for the Megadeth and Rob Zombie U.S. tour, go here.