Megadeth have been teasing their highly anticipated album 'TH1RT3EN' since releasing a snippet of the single 'Never Dead' in June. Along with being one of the 13 tracks within 'TH1RT3EN,' the song is also the official anthem for the action adventure game, 'NeverDead.' After nearly four months of Megadeth fans getting their fix from the video game preview, the band has finally unleashed the full-length version of 'Never Dead.'

'Never Dead' is the fourth song from 'TH1RT3EN' that is available for fans to hear. 'Sudden Death' was featured on 'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,' 'New World Order' is a B-side from the 'Countdown to Extinction' recordings and 'Pubic Enemy No. 1' (which we reviewed here) was recently released as the first official single from 'TH1RT3EN.' 'Never Dead' is sure to please Megadeth fans from its experimental intro to its punishing instrumental work.

Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, released this statement about combining forces with Megadeth to create a song to accentuate the 'NeverDead' video game: "The members of Megadeth are speed-metal music pioneers with a world renowned reputation for producing song catalogs with original and progressive lyrics. The 'NeverDead' soundtrack is an example of pure imagination and it fully captures the essence of our game. We're proud to have such a distinctive band associated with our title."

'TH1RT3EN' is set for a Nov. 1 release date via Roadrunner Records. 'NeverDead' is expected to be released in late 2011 on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Listen to Megadeth's 'Never Dead'