It's the Quarterfinals in the Metal Madness 2017 tournament! What started off with 32 contestants all vying to be named the Best Debut Metal Album of All Time has slimmed down to just eight after another round of fiery competition.

In a battle for the winner of the Headbanger Region, we've got Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath facing off against Tool's Undertow. In the Mosh Pit Region, Iron Maiden's Iron Maiden is against Slipknot's Slipknot. Metallica's Kill 'Em All goes head-to-head with another 1983 classic debut, Dio's Holy Diver in the Stage Dive Region. Two Big 4 acts do battle in the Devil Horn Region with Megadeth's Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! taking on Slayer's Show No Mercy!

Hit the red button below to start voting in the Quarterfinals you can vote once per hour in this round until 10AM ET on Monday, March 27, so vote early and vote often to send your favorite albums to the Semifinals!