Right before bedtime, many metal fans were ready to exit light and enter night before heading off to never never land. So, naturally, they tuned in to 'The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' last night (Nov. 20) to catch the latest appearance from metal icons Metallica.

The band's week-long residency on 'Ferguson' continued Thursday night, and as you can guess, the group jammed 'Enter Sandman' for the late night crowd.

Ferguson introduced the band stating, "I know they're looking at my ass and I don't care," as the band laughed behind him while an obscured James Hetfield made a few gestures. He went on to add with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, "Here are a band that tonight are the runner up on 'American Idol,' isn't that right, fellas?" After the introduction, the band delivered 'Enter Sandman' with their usual aplomb, especially during Kirk Hammett's guitar solo and Lars Ulrich's familiar drum cadences.

So far, the band has performed 'Hit the Lights,' 'Fuel' and 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' on top of Thursday night's 'Enter Sandman.' The group concludes their week-long run tonight (Nov. 21) at 12:35AM ET / PT on CBS.

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