Wondering what you can expect from Motley Crue's Vegas residency when it kicks off at the Hard Rock in February? The band is keeping most of the details under wraps, but during a recent interview with Metal Express Radio, guitarist Mick Mars offered a few hints.

"They would like us to do more of what we did in Red White & Crue," explained Mars, "with the tent circus thing and having clowns and that kinda stuff running around, and doing that kinda stuff. Which is fine, 'cause I love dwarf tossing."

While we wouldn't expect to see Mars and his Crue mates tossing any actual dwarves, we're sure they'll bring their trademark blend of glitz, raunch, and good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll to the Strip. When asked what made the band decide to head to Vegas now, Mars responded, "I think a lot of bands are trying to do a short residency there. This could work out to be a lot of fun, or it could work out to be a disaster -- I don't know yet." He continued, saying, "We're doing it at a really good time, and they're going to give us a lot of room. I don't want to say I'm apprehensive about it, but I'm hoping it opens up new doors for us."

While they're waiting for the Crue to touch down in Vegas, fans can look forward to the band's upcoming European jaunt with Def Leppard and Steel Panther. And though Motley is opening the European shows, don't worry -- Mars stressed during the interview that they're still delivering the same full-length set list, so ticket holders will get the maximum bang for their buck (or euro).

As for new music, Mars was fairly noncommittal, but he more or less echoed Tommy Lee's recent comments about the band possibly regrouping for another album after they get off the road. To hear the full interview -- including Mars' thoughts on the new singles-driven digital music business economy, his charity work, and his influences -- click here!