Mike LePond joined Symphony X in 1999, making his debut with the band on ‘V: The New Mythology Suite.’ From this album on, the progressive power metallers have become very rhythm-driven, opposed to the more melodic grandeur of their earlier albums. LePond and drummer Jason Rullo formed a synergistic musical bond, as LePond’s playing weaves around Rullo’s hard-hitting and complex drumming. His thick bass tone breaks through the mix, allowing every note to be heard.

Pestilence released their expansive album ‘Spheres’ in 1993, which saw the band shift into a bit more of fusion and progressivity. Jeroen Paul Thesseling made his career debut on this album, playing four string, six string, and fretless basses. He resurfaced in 2007, joining Obscura and played on ‘Cosomogenesis’ and ‘Omnivium,’ brandishing only his fretless bass this time. His lines are complex and smooth, showcasing his talent with tasteful fills amongst the technical death metal madness.

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