Morbid Angel are down another member, as guitarist Thor Anders Myhren (aka Destructhor) has left the legendary metal band. This news comes just days after drummer Tim Yeung's departure was announced.

Originally, frontman David Vincent was reported to be out of Morbid Angel as well, but the death metal icon rebutted the news in his own statement. So with the departure of Destructhor, who began his Morbid Angel stint in 2008, the only current members are singer-bassist David Vincent and guitarist Trey Azagthoth. However, it was also announced that Azagthoth was working with Steve Tucker (who previously replaced Vincent for two stints in Morbid Angel) on new material for the band. It's unclear whether Tucker will be in the band, or is just contributing new music to their upcoming release.

Destructhor revealed his parting from Morbid Angel in this message:

I would like to announce that I, Destructhor, as well am out of Morbid Angel. Due to issues of them wanting to work with someone more local. Actually pretty good news to me, since I personally decided to leave Morbid Angel after the last tour we did in Europe in November/December 2014. It is definitely time for me to move on with the Norwegian extreme act MYRKSKOG. This is where I truly belong and exciting things are happening! A new record is being released next year with coming tours, festivals and so on. So it's time to step it up and prepare for war with my Norwegian/Swedish brothers in MYRKSKOG. As for Morbid Angel, I wish them all the best with everything! It's been a lot of great experiences! No hard feelings at all and may the future bring us all to another dimension!

Morbid Angel's most recent album, 2011's Illud Divinum Insanus, is the band's only record to have cracked the Billboard Top 200. However, it was met with mixed reviews from critics and scathing criticism from fans.

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