It's October and that can only mean one thing: it's time to start cranking some heavy metal and hard rock Halloween tunes! Ghosts, goblins, demons, spiders, pumpkins, zombies, and everything else that has to do with the the holiday all make the rounds this time of year. Some bands are built for Halloween and thrive on horror, while others have a song or two dealing with the spirit of the holiday.

Remember trick-or-treating and walking up to a door with some spooky music playing? It made the candy taste that much sweeter after surviving the heart-thumping experience. Well now you can help recreate this moment for anyone coming to your door this Oct. 31 by playing one of the songs in our Most Haunting Halloween Track tournament.

Sure, all 16 of these first-round songs are pretty haunting, but if you're really looking to make those trick-or-treaters work for their candy, you can help determine which song here is the Most Haunting Halloween Track by voting in the first round. Click below ti start voting!