My Chemical Romance recently announced their plans to reveal the pre-'Danger Days' material that they recorded for the scrapped album 'Conventional Weapons.' Now they've revealed the schedule for the songs that will be spread out over the next five months.


Each month there will be a new double-sided single that's available in both digital and 7-inch vinyl formats. The vinyl will be available at most independent music retailers in countries worldwide.

The first offering comes Oct. 30, as the track 'Boy Division' will front the A-side, while 'Tomorrow's Money' is the B-side. You can currently pre-order either the full 'Conventional Weapons' set or the 'Number One' 7-inch orange vinyl featuring 'Boy Division' and 'Tomorrow's Money' here.

The 'Number Two' double-sided single features 'AMBULANCE' on Side A and 'Gun' on Side B. It's due Nov. 23. 'Number Three' arrives Dec. 18 and features 'The World Is Ugly' on Side A and 'Light Behind Your Eyes' on Side B. The 'Number Four' single has 'Kiss the Ring' as the A Side, with 'Make Room!!!!" as the B Side. It's due Jan. 8. The final offering, 'Number Five,' features 'Surrender the Night' on Side A and 'Burn Bright' on Side B. It's due Feb. 5.

Those who purchase the entire vinyl box set will receive a custom slip box that holds all five 7-inch vinyl offerings, plus an exclusive 'Conventional Weapons' poster, and all 10 songs digitally on their respective street dates.