As Motley Crue head toward their touring retirement, the questions start to arise of where they stand in rock history. And typically those type of questions involve some sort of commentary on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band members shared their thoughts on the Rock Hall in a new interview with Rolling Stone that also dealt with their decision to stop touring. Vocalist Vince Neil stated the one time the band might break their pact not to play live anymore would be if they were inducted into the Rock Hall.

"Honestly, I don't think it'll happen," says guitarist Mick Mars, who recalled visiting when the Rock Hall was being built and having it suggested that the band would be inducted one day. "I'd have to say 80 percent no, 20 percent yeah," says Mars. "But it's like when you're a kid in kindergarten and you take a nap and get a gold star as a reward. I don't need a few handful of people to say that I got a gold star, because I already got it from my fans. I see the crowds, I see the enthusiasm, I see all that stuff and that's already satisfying enough to me."

Bassist Nikki Sixx says he's not going to be cranky about it, but does think there are bands that deserve to be in ahead of the Crue. "I think if they got it a little bit righter, people would respect it a little bit more," says Sixx. "Honestly, there are a lot of bands previous to Motley Crue that deserve to be in, if it's actually about influencing other musicians and making an impact on the planet." The bassist says the Rock Hall has made some strides toward righting some oversights in recent years. He laughs, "If Motley Crue got in before Mott the Hoople, I'd snap! I'd be like, 'I'm sorry Ian Hunter, this is for you!'"

Earlier this year, Sixx stated that he was not really in music for the awards. He revealed in a Facebook post, "The only award I look forward to getting is the one I will probably decline and that's the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." He later stated that his reason for potentially declining the honor was due to the way the possible Rock Hall induction was viewed. He stated, "It's a fixed old boy network that has lost touch with art, songwriting craft, lyrics and influential music and usually has other agendas at hand. Young bands tell me it's a joke and these bands are the future."

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