Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor generated quite the buzz back in the early '90s with a short film for their 'Broken' EP that was never officially released due to its controversial and graphic content. But in this Internet age, the film has finally found its way online.

Director Peter Chistopherson oversaw the videos, which when tied together created what equates to a snuff film. The actual individual video for the song 'Happiness in Slavery' was issued, but was almost universally banned by TV networks for its portrayal of a man being both tortured and pleasured in a demented dentist chair, while his blood is used to fertilize a garden below. Add nudity into the equation along with violence resulting in death, and the clip was NSFW before the term became commonplace.

Though never officially released, the 'Broken' short film was leaked and made the rounds via VHS in the '90s, but this is the first time a full-length and uncensored version has been made available.

The 'Broken' short is the third significant Nine Inch Nails video piece to arrive in 2013. Earlier this year, fans united to complete a film document based around the band's final 2009 show. In addition, the tour documentary for the 1997 'Self-Destruct' tour, also containing NSFW scenes, was reissued via the band's Tumblr site.

To watch the graphic and very not-suitable-for-work version of 'Broken,' click the button below.

Update: The 'Broken' video has been removed from Nine Inch Nails' Tumblr, but you can still watch the film in full by clicking the button below.