The hard life and fast times of grunge’s tragic hero Kurt Cobain have been told and retold, but not quite like this. A new iPad app depicts the story of Nirvana’s frontman as a graphic novel, with bright colors and playful art used to represent Cobain’s childhood and darker, more chaotic strokes to parallel the rocker’s life in turmoil.

Kurt Cobain: The Graphic Novel’ was created by Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy, and it combines biographical information with subject matter interpreted by the writers to express Cobain’s frame of mind at various instances in his life.

Viewers can browse page by page or zoom in and view the graphic novel frame by frame. McCarthy is a widely published illustrator and comic strip artist who has worked for 2000 AD Books. He has contributed to ‘Bad Company,’ ‘Bix Barton,’ ‘The Grudgefather’ and ‘Kid Cyborg.’