'Nosferatu' is German expressionist masterpiece. Released in 1922, 'Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror' is one of the few silent films that have proven to be timeless in a world filled with color and sound. The antagonist of 'Nosferatu' shares many characteristics with Count Dracula, as he gains sustenance by drinking blood and cannot be exposed to light without deadly effects. The film narrowly escaped a tragic fate after Prana Film, the company that owned 'Nosferatu,' was sued by the estate of 'Dracula' creator Bram Stoker for copyright infringement. The court ordered all prints of 'Nosferatu' to be destroyed, but the classic film managed to survive.

Nosferatu is also an English gothic rock band that formed in 1988. Over 65 years after the film 'Nosferatu' was released, the use of the title by the band is a testament to the movie's creative success. With the band having over 100,000 copies of their cumulative releases, Nosferatu broke up shortly after their 2011 full-length album, 'Wonderland.'

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