Update: Chris Selby has pleaded guilty to assault and vandalism. Attempted murder charges have been dropped.

Guitarist Chris Selby of the Nashville, Tenn., metal band Oblivion Myth has been arrested for attempted murder in the first degree. According to reports filed by a Tennessee police officer, Selby was allegedly arguing with a woman earlier this week while standing on a third-floor breezeway (open stairwell). As the argument escalated, Selby reportedly grabbed the female, identified as Kelia Ramos, by the waist and began to push her over the 45-foot-high railing.

According to WSMV.com, police received a call on Jan. 1 about "a disorderly person" at the Tulip Grove Apartment Complex in Hermitage, Tenn. At approximately 4:20 PM, police were dispatched to the scene where authorities allegedly witnessed the 27-year-old Selby begin to push Ramos off the third floor breezeway, at one point leaving the female hanging off the railing and yelling, "No, no pull me in." The officer called to the scene pulled out his gun on Selby, demanding that he pull Ramos to safety, which he did. The Oblivion Myth guitarist was arrested and placed on a $100,000 bond.

The day after Chris Selby's shocking arrest, Oblivion Myth vocalist Ray LeGrand posted a statement on the band's Facebook page:

PUBLIC STATEMENT: It is with absolute shock and disbelief that I find myself writing this statement. About 30 minutes ago my phone started ringing and numerous text messages came to me asking for comment on longtime Oblivion Myth guitarist Chris Selby. This was the first myself or any other member of the band were made aware of the situation. At this time, all we know is that Chris has been arrested on attempted murder in the first degree for “dangling a woman off a third story balcony” at Tulip Grove Apartments in Hermitage, TN.

My first concern is for this yet to be identified woman and the second is for our friend and band-mate, Chris Selby. Obviously this situation has implications for the band as well and we will deal with them in time. For now, I would ask that you honor our privacy as we are absolutely distraught over this information. We will likey post an update as we learn more, but honestly, our information is the same as everyone elses right now. Thank God that this situation did not end any worse than it already is. Please pray for all those involved. ~ Ray LeGrand

See a recent performance by Oblivion Myth below and find out more on the band here. Stay tuned for updates on this case as news continues to develop.

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