We all know it's much easier to put together a band than it is to assemble IKEA furniture. Everyone can take lessons on their respective instruments, but the instructions on how to build anything from IKEA are less decipherable than a death metal frontman's growls. The one thing the Swedish store might be helpful for, however, is the hardest part of forming a band: deciding on a band name!

When trying to brainstorm and generate an awesome band name, countless stupid names are thrown out, as well as a band member for being so nit-witted to even come up with one of those rejected names. If you're in a black metal band, things can go a bit easier. All you have to do is take an English word and translate it into the Scandinavian version.

Jokingly, the members of Abazagorath stated in an interview that a member suggested "Abas' Gory Wrath' for a band name, but due to his accent it came out as 'Abazagorath.' IKEA sort of sounds like 'I'll Kill Ya.' Anyway, IKEA or Death is a nifty little quiz you can take where you guess if the word is a piece of IKEA furniture or the name of a black metal band.

Take the quiz by clicking below and post your scores in the comments section below!