We're used to hearing Ozzy Osbourne's many hits on the radio, both terrestrial and satellite. Now, Osbourne is getting his own Sirius XM channel. It'll be dubbed "Ozzy's Boneyard" and you will be able to find it at Channel 38 on your Sirius XM unit. Ozzy's Boneyard will include classic hard rock and metal tunes, ranging from his own band Black Sabbath to Pantera to Van Halen and more.

The Prince of Darkness was selected since he represents the evolution of the hard rock and metal genres, so it's a perfect fit for him and for Sirius XM.

Ozzy will be a part of what you hear on the channel beyond the music. He will tell personal tales about his career, as both a solo artist and as the frontman of Sabbath. Specials hosted by Ozzy and his family -- wife Sharon, son Jack and daughter Kelly -- will also air as part of the programming. So, Ozzy's Boneyard will be quite the family affair.

"After everything I've been through in my career I never imagined I'd end up with my own radio channel on Sirius XM. This is f---ing amazing! Does this mean I can play whatever I want?" said Ozzy in a statement. Yes, Ozzy, it sounds like you are behind the controls of Ozzy's Boneyard. And it's satellite radio, so you can drop the "eff" bomb as much as you want and without consequence.

It will be a 24/7 channel and is expected to launch later this year.

Where does Ozzy find the time? He will be 63 early next month, and he just reunited with Black Sabbath, is expecting a grandchild courtesy of son Jack and is now ready to launch his own radio station? We hope we have his boundless reserve of energy when we hit that age.