It's no secret that both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have had some issues with Sharon's side of the family. Sharon's father Don Arden, who managed Black Sabbath early in the band's career, was apparently involved in shady business practices for many years. That, along with personal problems, led to an estrangement between Don and Sharon which lasted two decades. The family drama hasn't stopped there, however, as evidenced in personal Facebook posts from Ozzy and Sharon directed at Sharon's brother David Levy.

Within just a few hours of each other, Ozzy and Sharon both posted open letters to David Levy on their respective Facebook pages. Ozzy Osbourne's public note to Levy is much shorter than Sharon's. The 'Prince of Darkness' quickly asks his brother-in-law to leave the family alone while shedding light on Levy's past of "selling false stories" to the press.

Yesterday (Dec. 3), which happened to be Ozzy's birthday, the Black Sabbath singer wrote:

David Levy, brother-in-law in name only, leave my family alone. Stop selling false stories on my family. Get a job and be a man. Thank God you can choose your friends but you are stuck with your family even though David Levy has never been and never will be family. When we took him off payroll all he's done is tried to make money selling false stories. Stop saying you love me, you don't know what the word is. I wish you no harm but you don't know my family. Leave us alone. PS - you call me a saint for living with your sister, the word is called love and adore not saint, but whoops I forgot you don't know what love is do you?

Sharon Osbourne's letter to Levy is much longer and is scathing in detail. While siding with her husband on his claim, Sharon added a menagerie of sketchy details to her brother's past, pointing out Levy's gambling habits, a violent assault on his father, homelessness, a 2004 cocaine bust and much more.

Sharon posts:

To David Levy/Arden/Fredo,

Since 2007 you have decided to make money off our dysfunctional relationship. You sold a two-part story to The News of the World and another story the Sun. Now, you appear again, having sold a two-part story to the Daily Mirror, claiming you want to help Jack with his MS. That’s as low as it gets, making money off my son’s MS. Jack was diagnosed in 2012, where have been the last 18 months? You know how to reach me. You know how to reach the Osbournes.

With all the lies and disrespect in all of your stories, you’ve failed to mention anything about yourself. I, unlike you, do not need to fabricate stories. So here we go. Growing up, you and I were never close. I left for America in 1976 to work for our father. You chose to stay in the UK. Our childhood memories are very different. That’s not unusual in families. However, our father didn’t use you as a financial shield. You weren’t taken to Switzerland and Singapore to open bank accounts. You weren’t the director of all his companies/record companies, you didn’t sign contracts with artists, and you didn’t have mortgages and bank loans in your name. All of the above were in my name. So when the bills, mortgages, and artists weren’t paid, they all came after me. I was foolish and egotistical at the time, I signed whatever our father put in front of me. I spent years paying off his bills because they were in my name. Did you pay two million dollars to the IRS in America for our father? I did. Did you have Jeff Lynne saying to you, your father has taken all my money and owes me royalties, plus Roy Wood.

Yes, I spent a lot of our father’s money. So did you, you spent it on race-horses, gambling, women, sports cars, and a house. At least I admit to my part of it. And I worked my ass off for him.

You and I ceased speaking. Not only as children, but as grown ups, we never got on. We’re very different people. I always felt sorry for you because of your weak character. Example, you married your first wife Jane, you were married for two years, and still lived at home with your mummy and daddy, but didn’t tell them because you were scared to upset them. Whoops! I think it was me that told them.

As our father’s fortune dwindled, so did yours. Because you were still living at home with mummy and daddy and working for daddy. And let’s not forget that the daddy who you say you loved so much, you put him into hospital when you beat him with a lump of wood around the head. And he was well into his 70’s at the time. I think, in fact, he nearly lost an eye. It was then and only then that your mummy and daddy threw you, your wife, and your daughter out of the house, making you homeless. And who did you call but you long lost sister, who you couldn’t stand. And what did I do? Paid for accommodation. You were associated with some sleazy club off German St. called the Gaslight at the time, and I paid you seven thousand pounds a week, every week, for six months to keep it open. Eventually, you closed the doors on your club. I gave you 80,000 pounds to get a house, I paid for your daughter’s school, her braces, and for her horse to be stabled. Plus, I paid your overhead for at least 5 years. I also gave you money to buy a car, as you were trying to become a mini-cab driver but had no car.

I forgot to mention the two times you got busted for drunk driving in Wimbledon and the two years you served in jail for kidnapping and battery. How could I have forgotten that? After 2001, it was because of you that I got back in touch with our father, and I thank you for that. He was penniless, riddled with Alzheimer’s, and had a bad heart. Remember? I paid for him to have a pacemaker fitted privately, all his medical bills until the day he died, and I moved him into an apartment on Park Lane. All while I was giving you thousands of pounds every week.

In 2002, I moved our father back to America. After you had no success as a mini-cab driver, you then ventured into selling insurance to the elderly. That didn’t go too well, did it? So I then moved you to America. Remember, I paid for the apartment, paid for furniture, paid for a whole new wardrobe of clothes for you, and in 2003, gave you a job on my talk show. By the way, the $250,000 that you received came out of my wages. I also paid for your work permit and so many trans-Atlantic flights that I’ve lost count. I didn't have to do those things. I did them because in some way I felt sorry for you. I wanted you to have something to be proud of, to have something for yourself. But even when it was handed to you, you still couldn't get it together. If you would like to see all the money I gave you, Newman & Co., chartered accountants, have all the files.

In 2004, you got arrested at Burbank airport in California for carrying cocaine. Remember, you called me from jail, and I sent my assistant with $10,000 to bail you out, and paid for your lawyer.

In 2006, you left Los Angeles. Our father was in a nursing home, which I paid for, along with a one on one private nurse to be with him all the time. You returned to the UK, you were still asking me for handouts.

Towards our father’s last days, you couldn’t be there for him because after your drug bust, you couldn’t get back into the USA. The last two days of our father’s life, a rabbi sat with him and prayed for him. And here comes the point where the only thing that you’ve ever accused me of is true – I did have our father buried in Manchester, next to his mother, and not next to his wife in Surrey. Our father had lived on and off with his mistress for 25 years, all of which our mother knew. Our father was a Jew. He had to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. I told you at the time, it’s what his sister wanted, and it was what I wanted. I am repeating myself, but I told you they may be buried in different places, they take different roads to their God, but they will end up together. And what did you did Fredo? You sold a story about me to the press, saying how wicked I was, and told hideous lies about my family and friends.

There was no point in suing you, because you’ve got nothing. And here you are again, how many years later? Six years later, selling stories again. Saying that you want to help Jack with his MS. Jack is a married man with a daughter and a loving family. You were only in his life for a handful of years, he, doesn’t know you.

Yes, you have made mistakes, so have I. I have made many of them. The difference is that I try to learn from them and better myself as a human being, you don’t. You don’t know me, or my family, or any of my friends.

On closing, I really do wish you and your family well. I’ve realized that after all these years that I cannot buy your respect or your love. And remember Warner Brothers? I do.

-Mrs. Osbourne

P.S. I am giving a copy of this to my lawyer. If any harm were to come to myself or my family in the foreseeable future, you will automatically be a suspect because of your criminal past.

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