P.O.D. are back in the studio, working on their next album, which will be their first effort for Razor & Tie. The band has returned to its roots and has recruited producer Howard Benson to record the album. Working with Benson served the band well earlier in its career, as he twiddled the knobs for 2001's multi-platinum, hit-spawning 'Satellite' album, which was the band's mainstream breakthrough. The album included hit after hit, such as 'Alive' and 'Youth of the Nation.'

Razor & Tie is expected to release the album in spring of next year.

P.O.D. have issued footage of their time in the studio, such as this short but sweet clip of drummer Wuv, guitarist Marco and bassist Traa tracking a new song as the camera pans over footage of the console. While it's just a snippet, it sounds like the band has gone back to basics and is keeping things heavy and quite funkdafied.

P.O.D.'s last album 'When Angels & Serpents Dance' came out back in 2008, so it's high time for a new P.O.D. record to impact the hard rock universe.

Watch Footage of P.O.D. in the Studio