The lost-and-found Pantera song 'Piss,' which will appear on the 20th anniversary edition of 'Vulgar Display of Power,' has its own cover art, which the band revealed via its Facebook page.

The song will be available for purchase via iTunes on Thursday (April 12), but you can prep for it now and help spread the word by making the artwork your profile pic. Do it for Dime! Do it for Pantera!

The image is striking, classic Pantera. The band assumes a tough-as-nail posture. And how about that piercing stare of Philip Anselmo? It could burn holes through your skull, that's for damn sure. The photo captures Pantera in that time and that place, in an era during which they created some magical metal. It's like going through a time capsule and we even get a "new" old song, too. Can't ask for anything more or better from one of metal's most important acts.

The song, which drummer Vinnie Paul recalled in his exclusive chat with Loudwire earlier this year, was recorded during the 'Vulgar' album sessions and then subsequently tucked away and forgotten about. Until now.

In addition to its availability in a few days, the song also appears on the 20th anniversary edition of 'VDOP,' which lands at retail on May 15.

The world premiere of the 'Piss' video is set for April 11 at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards. It will be broadcast live on all Xbox game consoles as well as Revolver Magazine's Facebook page starting at 6 PM PT. You can watch the show and the video for free, so clear your dance card for tomorrow night and tune in for the show and for the vid premiere.