Halloween is heavy metal's most celebrated holiday as the genre revels in everything it stands for. Bands have been quick to capitalize on the spooky holiday, releasing merchandise to coincide with All Hallow's Eve. Pantera are the latest addition to the ever-growing influx of merch with a thematic spin on their classic album Vulgar Display of Power.

The album cover features a face receiving a devastating punch, delivering the message of the album title in quite an effective manner. The Halloween take on the album cover features the same distorted facial features, but imprinted on a pumpkin! The shirt is a 'Vulgar Display of Halloween' and if you're feeling lazy this year and don't want to wear a costume, you can still show some Halloween spirit and represent metal at whatever party you wind up at.

To purchase the 'Vulgar Display of Halloween' shirt, head over to Pantera's Official Web Shop.

Vulgar Display of Power is one of the most striking and iconic album covers in all of heavy metal. The band were an absolute force to be reckoned with as the powerhouse metal act of the '90s. Their reputation for chaotic shows courtesy of wild frontman Phil Anselmo rounded out their pure badass demeanor presented in the music.

According to Vinnie Paul, the band paid a man $10 a punch until they got the perfect shot for the album cover. Sean Cross, the man on the receiving end of that fist, is reported to have made $300 that day as he was struck in the face 30 times, though conflicting reports do exist, some even stating Cross was never punched.

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