Oh what could have been? It was the early '90s and an upstart band named Citizen Dick appeared to be on their way to stardom. Led by the shirtless Cliff Poncier and featuring some guys named Stone, Jeff and drummer Eddie Vedder, they appeared to be a lock for fame. After all, they did have a big record in Belgium. But somewhere after rocking Portland it fell apart and Pearl Jam became a huge band.

This, of course, is fake history generated for the big screen, but for fans of the early '90s Seattle-based film Singles, the band Citizen Dick is all too familiar. They were best known for their single "Touch Me I'm Dick," and now, years later, they're getting their due with a Record Store Day 7" vinyl release.

In the film, Matt Dillon played the jack-of-all-trades, musician-by-night Cliff Poncier, and his band consisted of Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament making cameos for future Pearl Jam Twenty director Cameron Crowe.

The 7" will feature the song "Touch Me I'm Dick" on the A-Side, while the B-Side features an etching of Cliff Poncier's infamous interview quotes about the song. You can check out the scene below.

Hopefully, the 7" will please fans and there will be better reviews than what the band received in the film. Check out the infamous scene in the player above, and remember, "A compliment for us is a compliment for you."

Record Store Day will take place April 18 at stores across the country and internationally as well. Dave Grohl is serving as this year's Record Store Day ambassador. For more on the Record Store Day offerings and to locate a store, click here. And check out our Rock + Metal Guide for Record Store Day by clicking the button below.

Citizen Dick's Cliff Poncier Interviewed for "Touch Me I'm Dick"

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