Pearl Jam debuted their first single ‘Mind Your Manners’ from their upcoming disc ‘Lightning Bolt’ back in July, but now the band is adding visual effects to the song with a new video, seen above.

Produced by famed photographer and film director Danny Clinch, the video definitely stimulates the senses. The band performs in front of a video screen as scenes of natural and human destruction play out behind them. Matching the erratic, fast-paced nature of the song note for note, the visuals behind the band are hard to look away from.

In addition to the first single, Pearl Jam have been introducing new songs into their live sets at their one off shows and festival appearances throughout the summer. At their show at Chicago’s Wrigley Field the band played the title track ‘Lightning Bolt’ in addition to another new ballad called ‘Future Days.’

‘Lightning Bolt’ is due out on Oct. 15 and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes or on the band’s official website

A few days prior to ‘Lightning Bolt’s official release date, Pearl Jam will kick off their North American tour in Pittsburgh, Pa with dates through the beginning of December. Check out all the dates and tour stops by clicking below: