Perry Farrell took to Jane's Addiction's official website to shed a little light on the meaning behind the enigmatic lyrics of 'Irresistible Force' from the recently issued 'The Great Escape Artist.' While the alt rock legend and Lollapalooza founder likes to leave lyrics open-ended and up to the listener, since revealing too much is akin to giving someone the answer when asking them to solve a puzzle, he did want to take a moment to clarify some of the meaning. Why? Because it's been misinterpreted by the press during the band's media blitz while promoting the album.

Essentially, the singer admits that the song is both a love song and a theory on creation, as viewed through the lenses of both science and theology. As history shows, those are two opposing forces. See where Farrell was going with the lyrics?

Here's what Farrell had to say about the song in the website post:

Many of you love the song 'Irresistible Force.' You've asked me what the lyrics were about. Usually I wouldn't discuss it- I'd prefer to leave it up to the interpretation of the listener. For who likes to be given answers to a puzzle? Right? The fun runs out. However, there have been several misinterpretations given out by the press, and as the author, I do wish to clarify. The song is really a love story, and a theory on creation. Combining the science of the big bang, and the theology of the Old Testament. Adding the notion that it was in fact a conscious male-to-female act of cosmic love. I know of no life that was ever created without male-female union. A sexual explosion caused the creation of our galaxy, and all earthly life. We- in both his and hers image- continue this process. The line 'We've become a big busines' has nothing to do with Jane's Addiction- but speaks about God and his bride. "A galaxy merger. Two of us a big bang!" A true romance in the cosmos... "

There you have it, a little elucidation courtesy of Mr. Farrell himself.

The band was also profiled in the Los Angeles Times this week, where Farrell made a sweeping statement about Jane's Addiction. This declaration wasn’t about the lyrics or the meaning of a song, but about the crucial point in their history at which they've arrived.

Even though Jane's have attained alt rock icon status, thanks to their output in the '90s, right now is more important, as the band is writing its own ticket and managing its own destiny. Farrell said, "We wasted so much time fighting and doing other things. This is a critical period in our life. We have to focus laser-sharp, define who we are, the music that we make, the show that we produce. If we do that, we'll set ourselves up to be where we always belonged in the world of music."

Even though Jane's are already atop of the alt rock food chain, there's no limits to what they can do and no niche that can contain them.