Pantera legend Philip Anselmo released his debut solo album, 'Walk Through Exits Only,' with his backing band the Illegals earlier this year. More music from the band was unveiled at Anselmo's inaugural Housecore Horror and Music Festival held in October in Austin, Texas. Now, the video for 'Ugly Mug,' one of the two songs from that recent 10 inch release, has been unveiled via Revolver (watch above).

The murky black and white clip flashes between shots of the band members and signs for detours and canceled flights. To download the album from Scion AV with 'Ugly Mug' and 'Pigs Kissing Pigs,' go here.

Meanwhile, work is progressing nicely on material from Down, another one of Anselmo's bands. He revealed that he has completed vocals for the EP, which will be released in 2014. As far as the vibe of the Down material, Anselmo says, “The way I’ve been feeling about it is Black Sabbath, man, and if it ain’t Black Sabbath, it’s … it really kind of yanks me back to old heavy metal in the Sabbath vein, like the Witchfinder Generals and Saint Vitus-type bands of the very early ’80s. It just takes me back to that man, and that’s the vibe I’ve been feeling on this thing the whole time.”

Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals will be back on the road in January. The next leg of the 'Technicians of Distortion' tour kicks off Jan. 10 in Houston. Opening bands will be Author & Punisher and Hymn.