Rammstein are Germany's most famous purveyors of subversive, industrial aggro and they are about to make fans incredibly happy, thanks to a career retrospective, dubbed 'Made in Germany 1995-2011.' The release is set to drop on Dec. 6 via Vagrant Records.

The retrospective will be made available in three different configurations, so you can choose according to your level of fandom for this enigmatic band, known for playing with fire and engaging in simulated homoerotic activity on stage.

The standard edition will feature the 'Best Of' album as a CD digipak, while the special edition will add the 'Best Of' remix album to the standard edition. If that doesn't satisfy your hankering for noisy Teutonic rock, then you'll want to seek out the super deluxe edition, which include the 'Best Of' album and the 'Best Of' remixes, along with three DVDs.

The DVDs will be comprised of the band's full video catalog and all previously available "Making Of" videos, along with eight previously unreleased "Making Of" videos. The super deluxe edition will be encased in -what else?- a steel box and will come with a 240-page booklet. It's an exclusive piece, as only 1200 copies will be made available in the US. Hello, collector's item!

As if all of this wasn't enough, all the songs and videos have been specifically remastered for this particular release.

The retrospective isn't all that's going on in the Rammstein camp right now. Rammstein's new single 'Mein Land' is set to drop on Nov. 11. It will be available as a four-track set via iTunes, and will include an unreleased track, 'Vergiss Uns Nicht,' as well as remixes from BossHoss and Mogwai. It will also be accompanied by the Jonas Akerlund-directed video for the single. The video premieres on the band's website on Nov. 11. So mark your calendars, stat!