May 16, 2015, marks the fifth anniversary of legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio‘s passing. To pay tribute to Ronnie and his contributions to the metal scene, we sat down with a bunch of today’s biggest names and invited them to share stories and thoughts about Ronnie James Dio.

In this clip, Full Metal Jackie chats with Testament vocalist Chuck Billy about Ronnie. Billy immediately goes into the late legend's lyrical mastery. As a poetic writer himself, Chuck Billy appreciates the visual elements of Ronnie's words, which we all know tell monumental stories.

As a fellow veteran of the metal realm, Billy spent a lot of time with Dio and the two became fast friends. While Ronnie was still manning the mic for Black Sabbath during the band's Dehumanizer tour, Testament were selected as openers. In this video, Chuck Billy recalls kicking back with Dio after shows, having a beer and enjoying great discussions.

Chuck Billy also recalls Ronnie James Dio's incredible memory, how well Ronnie treated his fans and that the heavy metal legend always made those around him feel special.

Check out Chuck Billy's testimony in the video above and look out for more 'Remembering Ronnie James Dio' videos from Loudwire. If you're in the L.A. area, find about the memorial activities taking place in honor of Ronnie James Dio this coming weekend (May 15-17) here.

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