are taking their Redeemer of Souls tour all over the world. At a recent stop in New Zealand, frontman  spoke with 3 News about a variety of topics, including streaming music and the band's future plans.

When asked if there will be another Judas Priest album, Halford said, "All of us in Priest are still as determined, still as passionate, still having the best times that we have with our music. The bottom line is, it is our work. We treasure what we do, so we don't just run into the studio and bang some songs together. We really think long and hard about making the metal that we do."

Halford continues, "We were talking about this the other day in the van going to a show over in Australia. We've already got ideas, so there will be another Judas Priest album. I don't know when. We've always said it will be ready when it's ready because we have this treasure trail of work that we've laid behind us and we don't want to miss the mark, drop the ball, whatever. So yes, there will be more Priest."

Another topic of discussion was streaming services like Spotify. "I think that we are seeing the debate about streaming much like we saw the debate when Apple iTunes first came onboard," Halford says. "It was a very, kind of, tumultuous time, and it took a while for things to settle down. If you look at the breakdown of streaming, if you take what the artist gets once the breakdown happens, it really is just pennies out of the pie. It's like a piece; you slice it up. The bands get the tiniest bit. And then we have to divvy that up between how many members there are in the band. So it's a bit of a battle that's going on. But I really hope that fairness will prevail."

"The big [streaming services] like Spotify, they appreciate the position that they're in," Halford continues. "They've got buckets of money, and they go, 'Well, we're still getting…' Well, come on, guys. I think, you just gotta be 'fair's fair' here. Without us, you don't have a streaming company. That's it, plain and simple. So it's a struggle, it's a battle, but I think the artists will prevail and I'm hoping that we'll see some common sense from Spotify and the others to make it all work for everybody."

You can watch the entire interview at this location.

The 30th anniversary edition of Defenders of the Faith will be released March 10. In addition to the remastered original album, the 3CD set also includes a concert recorded in 1984 during the Defenders of the Faith tour.

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