Machine Head are happy to back with their new album called 'Bloodstone & Diamonds,' especially given the fact that the group almost split before the disc ever came about.

Frontman Robb Flynn reveals that the band had been on the verge of splitting a few times over the years, with the closest breaking point coming at the end of touring in support of their prior album.

In his latest journal posting, Flynn pulls back the curtain on those tumultuous moments. "Two years ago I never thought this feeling of releasing a new album would ever happen again," says Flynn. "On Dec. 14 we played the last show on Dethklok tour at the Roseland Ballroom (RIP) in New York City. It was a disastrous day and a disastrous ending to disastrous tour. At that point in time the tension in the band was so thick you could’ve tried to cut it with a knife, but the f---ing thing probably would’ve broke your hand. Dave McClain walked off stage and said to me, 'That’s the last show I ever play with Adam Duce.' The tour ended and we went home and we didn’t speak the whole time we were home. I buried myself in a bottle amongst other things. It was over. Machine Head was over." Flynn also says a similar experience happened in 2008 in the middle of a European trek with Slipknot.

Flynn reveals that after his "lost weekend" following the tour, he knew that something had to be done. Initially he decided to quit Machine Head, because he didn't want to have to deal with letting Duce go. But before he made the decision official, he had a conversation with McClain and the band's manager in which it was revealed that everyone was on the verge of quitting.

He recalls, "I was talking with Dave and our manager Joey, and at one point Dave threw out that he was serious about New York, he 'wasn’t playing with our bassist ever again, or HE was quitting the band!' Joey laughed and said, 'Oh no you’re not, cause I’m f---ing quitting the band!! I laughed and said 'F--- you guys, cause I’M quitting the band.' We all laughed for a minute… laughed that all three of us had just quit the band… and then we stopped... because really, there wasn’t anything funny about it. The three of us had all decided independently of each other that we were quitting the band because we couldn’t take the situation we were in anymore. The three of us were going to walk away from this, because of someone who didn’t even want to be there."

Flynn says Phil Demmel quit the band for a day, and that he and McClain began fighting for a bit and that parting with Duce didn't initially solve all their problems, but they've since worked things out. He adds, "Being able to have this moment now, to know that Phil, Dave, myself, Joey, and Jared can still make music, can still tour the world, can actually enjoy being a band again for the first time since I can remember, that we can put out a new record that’s loved or hated or anything-ed… We are so beyond f---ing grateful. We are so beyond lucky."

Machine Head's 'Bloodstone & Diamonds' is in stores now. You can pick it up at Amazon and iTunes. And look for Machine Head on tour at these locations.