Bobby Durango, the lead singer of the hair metal / glam rock band the Rock City Angels, has passed away, according to a new post on the band's Facebook page.

The Rock City Angels formed in the early '80s in South Florida before moving to Los Angeles, and even featured actor Johnny Depp as a member of the band for several months in 1986.

The group released the 1988 album 'Young Man's Blues' via Geffen Records, but they were dropped by the label while working on a second album.

In 2000, their self-titled disc, which would have been their debut release had Geffen not bought out their contract from New Renaissance Records, was finally released. The band would reunite shortly thereafter and eventually release the album 'Use Once and Destroy' in 2008.

Prior to Durango's death, the band had been working on a new album called 'Devils in the Countryside,' even tweeting about the progress as recently as May 21. However, in a tweet earlier today (June 4), the band revealed to fans that Durango had passed away:

The Rock City Angels are no stranger to rumors. There is no shortage of outlandish tales attributed to the band that, while entertaining and bizarre, are just patently untrue. We wish we could tell you all that the most recent story circling around was just another fabrication … another rock n' roll tall tale. We can't. Yesterday we received the shocking news that our founder, singer and beloved brother Bobby Durango passed away.

Whether you knew Bobby in the flesh, only knew him online or just listened to his music, all of our lives are emptier today without him. And as for those rumors we talked about earlier, even we don't know all of the details yet, so out of respect for his family it would be greatly appreciated if we could all refrain from posting any personal theories about the circumstances and instead celebrate the man's life. He certainly left us an amazing soundtrack.

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