In the current era of modern music, financial security is harder to come by for a lot of bands. As such, the advent of Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns have helped many an act continue to record and tour and even develop special projects they might not have had the means to do otherwise. But the overabundance of such campaigns is just ripe for satirizing and Saturday Night Live took their shot this past weekend.

During an episode featuring host Brie Larson, the sketch comedy show ran a faux crowdfunding video for a fake band called Discreet Annihilation. The band, made up of Chris Fitzpatrick (Kyle Mooney), Scott Thurman (Beck Bennett) and CC Toxic (Brie Larson), revealed their need for $750,000 to record their five-track debut EP, fund their world tour and create their feature length film Johnny Shadow.

The band hilariously teases that they're "all whites," but do "black style rap and combine it with actually good music, like electric guitars." As for their film, it's a low budget futuristic film about a badass with glasses who saves the world from becoming corporate clones.

Watch above as Chris and his crew offer the special donation awards which takes shots at some of the incentives that acts frequently include, like ID cards, social media posts, special meet-ups and personalized songs.

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