After announcing their retirement a few years ago, German legends  had a change of heart and will keep touring and making new music as they approach their 50th anniversary in 2015. The band has announced that a new studio album 'Return To Forever' will be released Feb. 20, 2015.

The Scorpions entered the studio with Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen, who produced 2010's 'Sting In The Tail,' and according to guitarist Matthias Jabs, what started as a simple project turned into a new album.

“Actually, we only wanted to finally record some song ideas for the fans, which we had worked on in the past but never put on an album, and then release them without much fanfare,” Jabs says. “There had been quite a few over the years, ideas that were really good, but in the end didn’t make the cut back then due to the limited space on vinyl and later on CD."

Jabs continues, "We quickly had eight songs, which partly had to be finalized first and were then recorded from scratch. During the work, increasingly new song ideas were added from our end, as well as from the two Swedes. We had so much fun working and suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the songwriting process once again. And in the end, it turned out to be a brand-new Scorpions album after all.”

'Return To Forever' will be available as a standard album, deluxe CD with four bonus tracks (track listing below), double heavyweight vinyl and a limited edition collector's box set containing the deluxe album, an exclusive 'Return To Forever' t-shirt, a 7" picture vinyl single, signed autograph card and a USB lanyard including a fan pass and an audiobook. Pre-orders of the album are available via Amazon.

Scorpions will be hitting the road in Europe next year. For their complete tour schedule, go here.

'Return to Forever’ Deluxe Edition Track Listing

1. ‘Going Out with a Bang’
2. ‘We Built This House’
3. ‘Rock My Car’
4. ‘House of Cards’
5. ‘All for One’
6. ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Band’
7. ‘Catch Your Luck and Play’
8. ‘Rollin’ Home’
9. ‘Hard Rockin’ the Place’
10. ‘Eye of the Storm’
11. ‘The Scratch’
12. ‘Gypsy Life’
13. ‘The World We Used to Know’
14. ‘Dancing with the Moonlight’
15. ‘When the Truth Is a Lie’
16. ‘Who We Are’