Screaming At Demons have made it official! The group is off and running with the release of their new song and video for "Rockstar." But for the uninitiated, the premiere of the band's video is no ordinary release. The group, led by former Sick Puppies vocalist Shim Moore, has tied in the release of their new song and video to a very special project called Homeless Rock Stars.

The Homeless Rock Stars project was founded by rock photographer Nigel Skeet, who learned of a growing homeless issue in his home base of Redding, Calif., and decided to do something about it. After speaking with a local paper, he mentioned the idea of giving the homeless in the community a rock 'n' roll makeover along with an interview and photo shoot. Through the process, there became more humanity for all involved as common bonds were discovered and the stigma associated with homelessness broken down.

Skeet reached out to longtime friend Shim Moore and asked him to come up with a theme song for the project. Moore had just begun to work with his new band Screaming At Demons and not only did he decide to take part, but he offered to shoot a video for the song as well, capturing some of the interviews with the homeless and witnessing their makeovers as well.

The video stars Jessie Valley, the first subject in the Homeless Rock Stars project. Valley was living in a tent in the woods addicted to meth and in the video she shares her story of how the project changed her life. Valley got sober and during the interview it was discovered she had a passion for cooking. She's now got an apprenticeship with a 5-star sous chef and is the official Homeless Rock Stars caterer. Not only did the makeover instill a bit more confidence in those who took part, but like Valley, the interviews have uncovered bits about the subjects that have led to jobs and recovery.

Watch the powerful video above and stay tuned to the end. Screaming At Demons are not making this song available through traditional online retailers. Instead, there is a number to text at the end of the video where you can donate to continue the Homeless Rock Stars project. In return, you'll have the MP3 of the "Rockstar" song sent to your phone for download.

Skeet revealed that there are plans to stage additional Homeless Rock Stars events in cities around the U.S., with one of the next ones scheduled to take place in Santa Rosa, Calif., with a veterans group on Veteran's Day. For additional info on Homeless Rock Stars, click here. Check out our photo gallery from the event below and click the button to read our interview with Screaming At Demons.

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