You might think a rock star like Seether frontman Shaun Morgan has expensive tastes when it comes to Christmas, but he's not asking for much this year.

When we asked Shaun Morgan what was on his Christmas wishlist, he responded by saying, “Wow. I could go many ways with this. All I want for Christmas is my dog to stop pissing on my carpet. [Laughs]”

After Morgan revealed to us that he is quite the bookworm, he told us, “Well, I’ve been putting off the whole Kindle because I really like the feel of a book. I feel like at this point if I get one of those things if I want a book I can immediate go online and get it. We live in a very instant gratification kind of society, I mean 10, 20 years from now, they won’t even know what CDs and books are, it’ll all just be stuff that’s on a plastic electronic device that you listen to or read.”

He goes on to say, “At some point you have to give up, I fought against the iPod thing for years and then eventually when I saw the third bulk of 150 CDs I was like, 'this is bulls--t,' so I gave up and now it’s one of those things that seems to be around all the time. Also what I did, I have an iPad and I read a couple books on there but it just wasn’t the same. What I found is if I read it on there and I like it then I’ll go out and buy the hard copy of it because I like to have a collection of books.”

So for Christmas, Morgan wants his dog to stop urinating on his carpet and possibly a Kindle -- that doesn’t sound too challenging (well maybe the dog part). And he even makes it more simple: “I don’t want the Kindle Fire though because I think it’s got too much stuff going on and I don’t need all these apps and that kind of crap. I just need the books.”

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