During System of a Down's hiatus, frontman Serj Tankian embarked on what was to be a very successful solo career. Although System of a Down re-formed last year and have even started to tour again, Tankian remains committed to his solo work and is in the process of creating his third full-length album. Tankian has also remained closely connected to his fans via his Facebook page, where he has been giving them the latest on his progress in the studio.

Serj Tankian's first solo effort, 'Elect the Dead' (referencing the posthumous election of Mel Carnahan), was released in October 2007. Although System of a Down were no longer active at the time, Serj never lost his drive to create new music, stating, "The excitement I had making this record was the same excitement I had making the first System record." Now, 10 years after the release of System's groundbreaking 2001 album, 'Toxicity' (see our 10th anniversary special on the album here), Tankian has begun to post pictures on his Facebook page, documenting the progress of his newest project.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, Serj posted, "I just finished tracking drums for my new album in the same room where we made Toxicity. Check it out." Less than 20 minutes later, Serj added 12 new photos to his Facebook page in "The New Album." The photo album contains photos of Serj at the studio mixing board, sitting at a piano deep in concentration and a bunch of random and strange additions which System fans will love. Keep checking Serj's Facebook page for future updates on his newest solo work.

Serj Tankian turned 44 years old on Aug. 21 and to celebrate the life and achievements of the SOAD singer, we posted a feature called Five Awesome System of a Down Live Videos.