Mondays can be the worst, just ask Garfield. Luckily, we’ve landed upon the antidote to Monday melancholy by way of one Shia LaBeouf. We’ll give you some background on the above video in the coming paragraphs, but really you should just watch it. No seriously, “JUST DO IT!” Watch the dang clip.

Some things had to happen before LaBeouf could motivate the crap out of us backed by metal music. First, the actor teamed up with London arts college Central Saint Martins to help some of the students present their final art projects. LaBeouf made 36 short videos introducing the students’ pieces and one of them showed the actor yelling inspirational messages at the camera. That is what was used to create the visuals we see above and below.

Thanks to YouTube user Samuel Morelock, we now get to enjoy a hardcore metal song from the clip. If the video above doesn't make you want to get up, grab Monday by the testicles and start kicking butt, we're not sure what will...clearly you are still interested in letting your "dreams be dreams." Watch the video again.

For those interested in more, you can check out the original video filmed for the art project collaboration here.  You can also see some of the other clips people have created from LaBeouf’s motivational tirade. We've pasted a video below showing what happens when the actor is spliced into the Star Wars franchise. His speech was also turned into a video cassette-style PSA, a patriotic American flag, eagle and explosion-filled clip, and for those wrestling fans out there LaBeouf was even spliced over the Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels fight from WrestleMania XXIV.

Shia LaBeouf Motivates in Star Wars